Record order for Hydria Water


In early summer, it was decided that the equipment for the world’s most advanced wastewater treatment plant, Sickla treatment plant, would be provided by Borås-based company Hydria Water. Hydria Water is part of the family-owned Borås corporation, Hydria Group. The order’s value amounts to approximately 60 million SEK and marks the single largest order in the company’s history.

– This is both a significant and unique order for an incredibly exciting and extensive project. I am proud that our company the Hydria Group have the opportunity to be part of this, says Tobias Barrstrand, CEO of Hydria Water and Hydria Group.

Sickla wastewater treatment plant is being constructed beneath Hammarbybacken in Skarpnäck, just outside Stockholm. A total of 530,000 cubic meters of solid rock will be excavated from under the hill, which is equivalent to the volume of Avicii Arena. Simultaneously, Henriksdals wastewater treatment plant is being expanded and upgraded to become one of the world’s most advanced treatment plants.

The Sickla facility is part of the Stockholm Future Wastewater project. The expansions are being carried out not only to increase capacity but also to meet stricter requirements, including those related to emissions into the Baltic Sea.

– This project is unique for us because of its size and scope, the largest in Hydria Water’s history. We hope to further strengthen our position in the industry with this project and we look forward to doing so in collaboration with Veidekke/Veitech. Within our segment and the market we operate in, this project is something truly unique, says Johan Fritz Sales Manager at Hydria Water.

Hydria Water’s equipment will be present in most of the process stages in the treatment plant. This encompasses more than 70 unique machine installations with additional components that will be delivered to 20 sedimentation basins, each measuring 70 meters in length, 8 meters in width, and 5 meters in depth.

– Now, we look forward to planning the installations, which will be carried out in collaboration with Hydria Water’s own personnel. Eventually, we also anticipate the equipment deliveries and their installation. It is reassuring to have Hydria Water by our side until the plant’s commissioning, says Kristofer Eklund, Project Manager at Veitec.


A Market-Leading and Reliable Supplier

Hydria Water won the contract due to both trust in Hydria Water as a company and its market-leading position. Hydria Water is already represented in most wastewater treatment plants in Sweden.

– We are the only Swedish manufacturer with our own solution for plastic chain scrapers, where we own all development and manufacturing. It is particularly satisfying to receive this contract considering the tough competition from several foreign competitors. The fact that we are perceived as a reliable supplier contributed to the decision, säger Johan Fritz, Sales Manager at Hydria Water.

The evaluation of the submitted bids was conducted by Veitech in collaboration with Stockholm Water.

– After this process, Hydria Water was considered to have the best technical and commercial proposal for all the scraping systems for the Sickla project, says Kristofer Eklund, Veitech.

With the delivery in place, Hydria Water will have approximately 100 scraper systems in three of Stockholm’s largest wastewater treatment plants.

– What makes this project particularly exciting is, of course, its scale. At the same time, we have been leading the development of equipment for sedimentation basins for many years, and these are machines that we are extremely confident in delivering, says Tobias Barrstrand, CEO of Hydria Water and the Hydria Group

Equipment deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024, with the project expected to be completed by 2026.


Here’s what Hydria Water will deliver:

Equipment for 20 sedimentation basins, each measuring 70 meters in length, 8 meters in width, and 5 meters in depth.

  • 20 plastic chain scrapers for primary sedimentation basins
  • 20 circular sludge scrapers
  • 20 decanting throughs
  • 50 skimmer boxes
  • 6 plastic chain scrapers for sand traps
  • 24 skimmer boxes for sand traps
  • Assembly of all equipment

Read the full press release in Swedish here.