Renovation of pre-sedimentation at Källby wastewater treatment plant


In October 2022, Hydria Water conducted an inspection of pre-sedimentation sludge scrapers at the Källby wastewater treatment plant located near Lund. The results indicated that it was time to replace both the scrapers and chains, as well as the idler sprockets in all tanks.

The project began at the end of February and was completed less than four months later.

– In total, there were 12 tanks that were divided into pairs, Eric Folebäck, maintenance manager from VA Syd, explains. The project was carried out by shutting down one pair of basins at a time, with a week-long period for flushing and cleaning, followed by a week of dismantling and installation performed by Hydria Water.

The initial plan was to finish the project within 12 weeks, but heavy rainfall and sub-zero temperatures caused challenges, making it difficult to keep the basins emptied and safe to work in.

– Still, I feel that the work proceeded smoothly, and it was easy to stay in touch with Hydria Water’s representatives throughout the process. The replacement parts also came from Hydria, and the fact that there were drawings available from previous work on the tanks proved to be very helpful, Eric says.