School students undertake work experience at Hydria Water

Linn Broberg and Elliott Eckerström elected to continue their high-school studies with a fourth, technical year at Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet (‘Sven Erikson High School’) in Borås, Sweden. Over the course of the spring they spent a number of weeks with us at Hydria Water undertaking work experience in order to strengthen their theoretical knowledge through practical learning.

Their primary task during this period was to update the information material of many of the articles and components that are used in our products. This involved re-drawing existing two-dimensional drawings as three-dimensional ones, which will be used in our new, shared file management system. This task was vital to our internal preparations for merging the Group’s operations, and allowed the students to put the skills that they have learned at school to the test and further develop them.

Both Linn and Elliott have done great work here at Hydria Water, and we are delighted that they will return for a few weeks during the summer.

Hydria Water praktikanter Borås Viared