Secure solutions for a sustainable future

Our work partially involves developing and delivering products that purify water, and partially providing service, support, and maintenance agreements for our customers. It is a preventive service that ensures that operations at the facilities continues without interruption.

– We call it a Care Agreement, and it means that both municipalities and industries can add a support service to their deliveries wherein we preventively inspect the machines at the facilities. This takes place through annual checks as well as through support and service if problems arise along the way, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

Through preventive work, the customer can avoid costly downtime at their facility.

– It is convenient for the customer because they do not have to think about the machines. Instead, we are the ones who keep track of the service intervals and contact them to schedule regular appointments for inspection. On site, we go through the machine so that there are no errors that could cause downtime in the long run.

Hydria Water’s goal is to always be at the forefront in terms of both products, solutions, and expertise, which means that we can offer what customers and facilities need for long-term sustainable water treatment.

– Through accessibility, structure in the work processes, and commitment, we create solutions that give our customers security. In this way, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Are you interested in knowing how our Maintenance Agreement can contribute to your long-term sustainability work? Contact our Service Manager Jörgen Edelmalm on +4673-839 11 11.