Showing the way to a climate-neutral water industry

Hydria Water is partnered with many municipalities and other actors in water treatment. We are actively driving the transition to a climate-neutral water industry by 2030. As part of this, we have developed an online energy saving tool, where you can quickly and easily see what you can save in energy consumption and money by investing in modern sedimentation equipment.

– Many of Sweden’s roughly 1,200 water treatment plants have old equipment. Older sedimentation equipment consumes a lot of energy, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

Today, wastewater treatment plants sometimes choose to lower the requirements for water treatment to lowest approved levels in order to save energy, thinking that you have to choose one or the other.

– Lowering the purification level to the lowest approved measurement value is not the only way to save money, facilities do not have to choose between clean water and low energy costs at all.

By investing in modern equipment for separation and screening, it is possible to purify used water very efficiently, at a significantly lower cost. Read about how a plant in Patra, Greece reduced its electricity consumption by 66 percent by switching to modern equipment from Hydria Water here.

– With the energy saving tool, we have the opportunity to help our customers and partners make wise investment choices. Facilities must be able to have both optimal levels of water treatment and low energy costs, says Jörgen Edelmalm.

Today, wastewater is included as a useful resource in the water cycle. It is the municipalities’ mission to manage used water in a way that minimizes environmental impact and pollution. With our energy saving tool, Hydria Water gives municipalities and facilities the possibility to invest wisely and energy efficiently, both in the short-term and the future.

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