Sjöstadsverket in Karlstad updated to handle higher loads

Sjöstadsverket treats the wastewater of households and industrial facilities in central Karlstad, Sweden, as well as water from the communities of Skattkärr and Alster. After the water has been purified in the plant, it is released into the Klarälven river, which is a tributary of Lake Vänern.

Sjöstadsverket was built in 1970; more recently, it faced major challenges due to an increased load and antiquated equipment in the mechanical treatment phase. In 2020, Hydria Water delivered an ST30 with accompanying control cabinet to the wastewater treatment plant, which was the largest sand wash the company has ever manufactured and delivered in Sweden. The project also involved demolition, installation, startup, and training relating to the delivered equipment.

Following the successful installation and startup of the sand wash, the Municipality of Karlstad elected to give Hydria Water the opportunity to supply more equipment for Sjöstadsverket. This project involves two mechanical step-type XS 2200-1400-2 screens, which will be delivered and installed during Spring 2021. Hydria Water is assuming overall responsibility for this project, which will include installation, startup, and training, and will thus be able to ensure that the machines are installed and optimised in order to meet Sjöstadsverket’s needs in the best possible way.

– It is very gratifying to have delivered our largest sand wash in Sweden so far, and equally gratifying to having been given the opportunity to supply more machines for Sjöstadsverket’s mechanical treatment phase. Over the past year, we have noticed a sharp increase in interest in our products, Johan Fritz, Sales Engineer at Hydria Water, says.

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