Sustainable solutions that create benefits over time

Since the merger of Hydria Water, Mellegård & Naij, and VA Teknik Sweden AB, several positive effects can be seen from a sustainability viewpoint.

– For us, sustainability and having a long-term perspective is essential when we talk about the future needs of society. When we chose to merge our two factories, we were also able to further our sustainability efforts from a social, business, and environmental perspective. It brought several benefits, including that transports between the factories ceased and that production was made more efficient, leaving a reduced climate footprint, says Kristoffer Lindberg, COO at Hydria Water.

The property is built to be optimized for maximum energy efficiency. This is partly to be able to keep energy costs down and partly to be able to guarantee as small climate footprint as possible, now and in the future.

– In our facilities in Viared, Borås, we have all the prerequisites for modern, sustainable, and efficient production. In the past year, efforts have been made to ensure that both the facility and the entire new production process is as long-term energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. We also wanted to make use of our shared expertise to create a smoother workflow of an even higher quality throughout our entire business. From a sustainability perspective, we see significant benefits from the merger and centralizing operations in the factory in Viared, which is in line with our goals and investments going forward.

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