Sustainable, world-class production at Hydria Water’s new facility

In Viared, just outside Borås, Sweden, work on the development and implementation of a new, flow-optimised production line is progressing at a good pace at Hydria Water’s 5,000 m2 industrial facility. The entire facility is being developed and redesigned to an even higher standard, with the aim of creating a modern, sustainable, and efficient production process – for cleaner water and a better-protected environment, now and in the future.

For more than 40 years, Hydria Water, VA Teknik Sweden, and Mellegård & Naij have worked together to produce and deliver water purification equipment and solutions to thousands of water-treatment facilities all over the world. The companies are now in the process of taking the next logical step by amalgamating all production to form a single, highly effective, and state-of-the art production line at the Hydria Group’s facility. The objective of the combining of the facilities is optimised and sustainable production processes, with ample room for further expansion.

– In connection with these efforts and those to future-proof the facility, we have consistently focused on making the entire operation as sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient as possible, Robert Bjursten, CEO of Hydria Water, says.

– One of the solutions we have developed that exemplifies this approach is redirecting the heat generated by the laser cutting machine so that it can be used to heat the facility. In addition, our facility has one of the largest photovoltaic arrays in Borås; at 1,000 m2, it supplies 50 percent of the energy we use and reduces our annual carbon emissions by 45 tonnes. Hydria Water’s commitment to sustainability is considered to be an ongoing process, and is something that we will continue to work with in the future through a wide variety of initiatives and activities.

The road from workshop-based to flow-optimised production

In order to achieve the best possible design for our new production line, Hydria Water is collaborating with Toyota Material Handling Sweden. The new layout features a flow-optimised production process, in which all production and material-handling aspects have been developed with a focus on quality assurance, timely deliveries, sustainability, and a healthy working environment.

– This was a clear and well-defined project, and the collaboration has worked well throughout the entire process. The long-term impact of production conversion projects is dependent on a close collaboration with the client throughout the process.

– It’s essential that we can gather up all the know-how and detail knowledge concerning internal operations which exists within the organization and design the new production flow together, Niklas Johansson, Logistics Advisor at Toyota Material Handling Sweden, says. He continues:

– We feel that this project has all the necessary conditions required to achieve continued development and success.

Growth-optimised processes ensure continued development

By optimising of all our production processes at this early stage, Hydria is prepared for a future in which expanding production volumes will create the need for more production space, storage capacity, and material handling.

– With Toyota as our partner and through continued development of flow-adapted production, we are set to ensure that our production amalgamation is and continues to be a cost-effective and sustainable investment in the future, Kristoffer Lindberg, Supply Chain Director at Hydria Water, says.

Hydria Water Borås Viared