“The first machine we delivered to the Braviken paper mill ran practically flawlessly for almost 50 years”

The Braviken paper mill near Norrköping, Sweden employs 400 people and is one of the world’s most efficient paper mills in terms of production. In 1972 Hydria Water delivered a machine to the paper mill, and this year, 48 years later, they delivered a replacement machine.

– The previous machine ran practically flawlessly for almost 50 years – that is a good grade to have achieved, Hydra Water’s Technical Manager says with a smile.

The new machine is a 17-metre long, custom-made overhead travelling carriage with a sludge suction pump that purifies the water used in the mill’s processing.

– The sludge suction pump functions a little like a vacuum cleaner, purifying the 55°C process water of cellulose fibres. The basic function is the same as for the previous machine, but the new one has a more modern design and new, acid-resistant components.

The previous machine was constructed using black steel, and when the components began to wear it was felt that it would be better to upgrade to a new machine rather than renovate the old one. New technology, new materials that handle process water more efficiently, and a new, more compact control system, resulted in a great improvement for the paper mill as a whole.

– It’s a marked difference: we have moved from a control system the size of a small garden shed to one that measures 80 x 80 centimetres. We are good at technology, and much has changed over the past five decades.

The new machine was installed at the end of April in a water-filled tank.

– There were special requirements during installation, and it was not possible to empty the tank, which is normally done during installation, or even lower the water level. As a result, we installed it in a water-filled tank this time. Everyone involved rose to the challenge in an admirable way, Andreas concludes.

Photograph: Braviken