The municipality of Växjö chose Hydria Water as a supplier to meet high demands

When Växjö municipality needed to replace the water treatment equipment in the sewage plant in Böksholm, Hydria Water was chosen as supplier for the project through public procurement. The project included the installation and commissioning of a new inlet to the sewage plant, which is located adjacent to lake Örken, not far from a bathing area. High demands were therefore placed on ensuring particle separation and water purification of the highest quality, so that the processed water meets the environmental requirements. Hydria Water was chosen as a supplier because our solutions and products could meet the high requirements for water treatment and because we could offer a complete solution.

Växjö municipality chose to also procure installation and service from Hydria Water. To accommodate the new machines, which were significantly larger than the old ones, a rebuilding of the plant’s premises was required, and a wall had to be temporarily demolished to bring in the new machines.

– The installation went very well, thanks to good cooperation with technical staff at Växjö municipality and a well-thought-out, functioning timetable, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

The machines included in the delivery were a Combi Unit CU and the new Sand Washer Alpha SWA.

Combi Unit CU is a complete mechanical pre-treatment system for water treatment that can be used as an alternative to concrete tank, for example when installing inlets. The Sand Washer Alpha SWA separates, washes, and dewaters sand from water. The updated sand washer has a new, market-unique solution for its inlet, which increases both the efficiency and cleanliness of the process.

– In addition to an increased functionality and capacity, the new solution contributes to the extended durability of the machines and a reduced need to replace worn parts. In this way, Hydria Water’s updated sand washing solution contributes to increased sustainability for our customers, says Andreas Riedel, CTO, Hydria Water.

Hydria Water was responsible for the commissioning of the new installation.

– It feels great that Hydria Water’s service and aftermarket team has once again been entrusted with the overall responsibility for delivery, installation, and commissioning and that the project went so well in overall, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager, Hydria Water.

Constantly being at the forefront with regards to both products, solutions, and expertise means that Hydria Water can offer what clients and facilities need for long-term sustainable water treatment efforts. Through accessibility, structure in the work processes, and commitment, we create solutions that give our customers security. In this way, we contribute to a more sustainable future, where wastewater is used to create new resources.

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