Toyota Material Handling Sweden – a helping hand towards a sustainable world-class production

In order to achieve the best possible design for our new production line, Hydria Water is collaborating with Toyota Material Handling Sweden. The new layout features a flow-optimised production process, in which all production and material-handling aspects have been developed with a focus on quality assurance, timely deliveries, sustainability, and a healthy working environment. This is what Toyota Material Handling Sweden has helped us with in a close partnership where focus has been on forming the workflow with knowledge and details from the organization in mind.

By optimising all of our production processes at this early stage, Hydria Water is prepared for a future in which expanding production volumes will create the need for more production space, storage capacity, and material handling.

– With Toyota as our partner and through continued development of flow-adapted production, we are set to ensure that our production amalgamation is and continues to be a cost-effective and sustainable investment in the future, Kristoffer Lindberg, Supply Chain Director at Hydria Water, says.

An important cooperation and to future-proof the facility, we have consistently focused on making the entire operation as sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient as possible. Taking the new facility as a starting point, we continue to deliver market-leading, innovative, energy-efficient, and high-quality water-purification products and solutions to clients all over the world.

Toyota Hydria Water partnership